What is the real cause of food cravings?

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What is the true cause of the "cravings"? Most of the time cravings are not caused by a real hunger, but rather by feelings such as anger, stress, boredom or loss of control. It is in human nature hiding these unpleasant emotions with food.


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Facing your emotions will give you, however, the feeling of regaining control over your life and will help you to fight food cravings with a greater awareness.Now that you have an idea of why you feel these needs, simply find other strategies to prevent your emotions to get you to open the fridge whenever you had a busy day at work.

Instead of eating try to exercise, meditate, take a nap, get a massage, take a walk with your dog, call a friend to come out, read a book (read "The best diet is not a diet") or listen to some music to relax.


“Keep away the junk food from your eyes and it will also disappear from your life!”

If you can not resist junk food, eliminate it from your home. This way you will not have such temptations while watching a movie in the evening on the couch. By getting in touch with this kind of food you will only risk to fall into temptations during difficult times.


Love yourself! 

It happens to everyone to exceed occasionally. Being captured by the vicious circle of binge eating followed by shame and guilt is really easy. If sometimes you fall into temptations, learn to forgive yourself and forget it. After all you are still a human being!

Do not focus on the negative things, but look at the future with a positive attitude and use your mistakes to motivate yourself to eat better.


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Enjoy the reading!

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