The best diet is not a diet!

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The topic of this ebook has been strongly suggested by my patients/clients.

Unfortunately the overweight is widespread and there are too many people who are not able to deal with it properly.

Over the years I have gained a vast knowledge about it and I decided to make it available by creating a Method that overtakes the classic concept of diet! I created a Multidisciplinary Guide that solves the problem of weight loss from all points of view: Nutritional, Physical and Mental.

I am giving you useful tools resulting from my experience as a Pharmacist specialized in Nutrition, Health and Fitness Instructor and Personal Coach combined with Motivational Psychology and NLP.




I want briefly introduce myself as Health Professional so that you can better understand who I am and where my thoughts come from.

I have been a Professional Sportsman. I have played Water Polo for over 10 years and attended several Coaching Courses.

I got the worldwide certification as Health & Fitness Instructor (International CYQ)

I got a degree in Pharmacy and a Master in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Genoa and after passing the Professional Practice Exam, in 2003 my career started.

I attended many professional courses related to Nutrition: Sports Nutrition and Supplementation.

I have always had a privileged position because I worked in very large pharmacies, both in Italy and France, getting in touch with many health professionals (doctors, medical specialists, naturopathic doctors, physicians, dietitians, etc.).

This allowed me to analyse and then study in depth many different case studies coming from my patients. This fact gave me a really wide overview and that is why I decided to gather and write down all these vital information.

I decided to find the best way to effectively spread all that content in order to help anyone in need. The requests were a lot and I began to group them by subject.

The idea was to create some Multidisciplinary Guides, not too “scientific” and very useful. They had to contain the best of each discipline to ensure an enjoyable and extremely effective reading experience.

Thanks to the power of Internet I can now help many people simultaneously.


If you want to know how to obtain a better life, have a look at the ebook "The best diet is not a diet"


You can get a free preview here!


Enjoy the reading!





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