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What’s Your Secret Route to a Six-Pack?

Sometimes the most important thing about exercise is persuading yourself to do it on a regular basis. What tricks should you use to achieve a fitter, happier you?

Goal smashing

In life you tend to like to know where you stand and what you need to do to get where you want to be. You don't need a bunch of people around you to put the extra effort in, you'd just like to know exactly what you should be doing to get the maximum reward for your efforts.
A completer-finisher, you have no problem putting your all into something and would rather do something well than half-heartedly. You're best suited to working on a programme that's tailor-made for you with clear goals that you can tick off one-by-one.


There are some people who can sleep-walk through life in a well-oiled sequence of regular routines. And then there's you! An enquiring mind like yours needs regular, fresh stimulation and your muscles aren't far behind. What's the point in perfecting one exercise routine when you can test yourself in lots of different ways and end up much fitter?
Your motivation is driven by new challenges that regularly put you out of your comfort zone, the question is, how many different ways can you find to get fit?

Group bonding

You're a gregarious soul and get energy from interacting with the people around you. While some may hate the thought of other people seeing them sweating and generally looking less than gorgeous, your feet are grounded in reality. You know that very few people look hot when working out and that the collective power of a group of people stretching their fitness abilities together can be more powerful than ticking off individual fitness goals.
Besides, it's much more fun and you have someone to bitch to when you're feeling sore and stiff the next day, not to mention while confirming plans to do the same thing next week!

Routine driven

You're the sort of person who probably gets more done if it's planned ahead. You may also find that you tend to do more things that take extra effort - like exercise - if they are an accepted part of the week. There's much less chance of you finding other less healthy things to do if something is written in your diary!
It doesn't mean that you can't be spontaneous sometimes - more that you'll choose something really exciting to skip the routine for. While you thrive with planning you're also open to new experiences, after all, you need new things to fill up that mental diary!

Your biggest motivation to get fit is to:

Look great

Feel great

Achieve great things

You're most scared of:


Having no free time

When we say zumba, you think:


Burning fat

No way!

Being the only one getting all the moves wrong

Have you ever done a crazy charity fitness event?

Yes and loved it

Yes and I didn't train enough for it!

No, but I'd like to

No. Way. Ever.

Other than exercise, the gym is good for:

Making a fool of myself

Making friends

Making me feel sore tomorrow

Making me get out of the house

You're more of a:

Team player

Lone wolf

You're most likely to be remembered for your:





Your perfect workout clothes are:

Skin tight



On a dance floor you:

Throw all the best moves

Close my eyes and hope no-one's watching

Have perfected step-toe, step-toe

Dazzle with my routines

How do you want to feel after a work out?


Exhausted but proud

Clear headed

Like I belong

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence Right Now!

Because we all feel a little low sometimes!

Be well groomed

Taking the time to put on a nice outfit or fixing your hair makes a big difference to your confidence and how you carry yourself.

Walk faster

Increase your pace by 25%. Confident people walk quicker and with purpose.

Improve your posture

The way you carry yourself says a lot about you. Keep your head up and your shoulders down to get an instant boost.

Practice gratitude

Instead of focusing on what you want, take time each day to mentally list what you have and be grateful for it.


Fitness has a huge impact on self confidence through physical discipline and the release of endorphins.

Smile, even when you don't feel like it.

This simple act releases feel-good chemicals in the brain making you feel more relaxed and appear more confident.

Do something you're good at!

Take time each week to indulge in an activity you're good at - it makes you feel more competent at other things too.

5 unusual ways to meditate and become mindful

Meditation is not all about sitting crossed legged for half an hour in silence. There are all sorts of ways you can calm your busy mind and get back in touch with the 'old' part of your brain.

Walking meditation

If sitting still makes you all fidgety why not try some meditation while you walk? Walk slowly with good posture and pay close attention to the way you are breathing and the way your body is moving. You need to be free to roam continuously, so avoid anywhere you need to stop to cross roads, or where anyone will try to talk to you!

Life practise meditation

Do you dread those boring chores like housework? Turn them into a mindful experience by slowing them down and concentrating on them. If you are washing dishes concentrate on the feel and temperature of the water, the sound of it splashing, the food waste dissolving from the plate. Be right there in that moment rather than thinking of all the other things you need to do.

Dancing mediation!

Not one for the step-touch dancer or the wallflower, this involves really letting yourself go and surrendering yourself to the music! This is THE time to dance as if no-one's watching. Just don't confuse it with that drunken clubbing moment when you're convinced you are suddenly the world's best dancer. This type of meditation needs you to leave your ego off the dancefloor!

Your daily commute

Obviously you can ignore this if you drive into work, but it is possible to be mindful on your daily commute. Concentrate on your breathing, the feel of your body and then the sounds of everything around you. If you close your eyes your fellow commuters will just think you've gone to sleep!

Be there in whatever you're doing!

You might be at a rock concert, in a busy bar with friends or walking the dog in a city park. Just take a few moments to notice how these experiences make you feel - how your body reacts. Then take in all the information around you - what you can see (including all the little details you would normally miss), hear, smell, taste and the touch of whatever is in your hand or what is under your feet.
This may not give you the full benefits of meditation but you will get much more out of the more mundane areas of your life and feel more in tune with your surroundings.

10 Bizarre Allergies That Could Ruin Your Life

You'll never complain about hayfever again...

ALL food and drink! Sufferers can only drink water/eat ice and have to be tube fed nutrients.

Mobile phones - causing rashes, bumps and blisters this is probably a nickel allergy.

Modern Living or "electosensitivity syndrome" - multiple chemical sensitvity symptoms from everyday products.

Kissing - Lipstick, traces of food or medications can be life threatening!

Water - Only 40 people worldwide have been diagnosed. Seems ridiculous considering the human body is almost 60% water.

Cold temperatures - Can cause rashes, swelling or even cause sudden death.

Hot temperatures - Sufferers get itchy, red and swollen skin when exposed to high temperatures.

Excercise - No excuse to skip the gym, only around 1,000 people suffer from exercise anaphylaxis.

Touch - Also known as "skin writing disease" as sufferers can easily scratch words on to their overly sensitive skin.

Sex. Or more accurately, male bodily fluids.

Which Wine Matches Your Personality?

We all know that different wines go very well with different foods, but what about wines and people? Which wine variety is best suited to who you are?

Sauvignon Blanc

You're an attention-grabber. Sharp and sassy, with a bit of bite in your charms. You are well-liked, have a real zest for life, and maintain a youthful exuberance.


You're deep and soulful, a wise spirit in a young body. You're a social creature, but prefer good conversations with great friends, rather than massive parties.

Cabernet Sauvignon

You're strong, assertive, and bold. You know who you are, and have a sense of timelessness, as opposed to chasing after new fashions. You're intelligent, provoke discussion in those around you, and add more layers to your life as you age.

Pinot Noir

You're unique, interesting, and a little complicated. Despite challenges in your past, you're kind and unruffled on the surface, but you take time to appreciate.


You're well-liked, bold, and brassy. A strong personality who's easygoing, you're capable of elegance but also hiding plenty of complexity beneath your smooth exterior.


You're an uninhibited free spirit who adds spice to the lives of everyone close to you. You're courageous, love exploring, and fit in anywhere. Wild and fun.


You're exceptional, if a little under-appreciated. You're an authentic, genuine person who some see as a little too sweet or friendly, but you have plenty of complexity and depth beneath your easygoing and approachable exterior.


You're easygoing and well-liked by a broad range of people. You're good at adapting to new situations and experiences. Sensual and passionate.

Would you say you make friends quickly and easily when you meet new people?

Yes, I love meeting new people

No, it takes me a little while

Where would you feel more comfortable?

A fancy dinner party or cocktail evening

A casual barbecue or outdoor festival

Would you say you are more intuitive, or more strategic

I go with what I feel!

I like to plan the path!

Where would you prefer to have a vacation?

Somewhere interesting but close to home

Somewhere more exotic and far away

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being 'complete evil smartass', how wicked is your sense of humor?




True or False: Your friends would say you're a very talkative person



You win $15,000 to go travelling. Where do you rather go?


South America

Australia and New Zealand

Is Stress Making You Look Older?

Most of us take regular and simple precautions against premature ageing, but how much do you know about the role of stress and the importance of looking after your skin? Find out with this quick, fun quiz - you're bound to find something to reduce those stress levels and reduce your wrinkles!

Can a stressful job make you look older?



Impossible to say

Can thinking about a stressful situation make you look older?



It depends how often you do it

Can stress cause long term ageing effects on facial skin?



Stress is the biggest cause of skin ageing



Sun damage is thought to be responsible for __% of skin ageing.





Can lack of sleep lead to long term skin ageing?



What is the best way to keep your skin looking younger?

Drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet

Managing my daily stresses

Using sun cream with a high SPF

Using intensive moisturiser on my skin

Getting enough sleep

All of the above

Battling against stress

Your knowledge of the influence of stress on your life is a bit wrinkly around the edges. But there's no need to get stressed about stress! By making a few simple changes to your daily routines you can rejuvenate your approach to life.

Work in progress

You have a healthy approach to stress and the way it affects you and your body. You stay one step ahead of it most of the time but you might be making a few mistakes that gives stress more fun than it deserves!

Stress warrior

The best way to fight stress is to stay calm and you know most of the tricks to keep this nasty beastie away. However, we can't always predict what life is going to throw at us and we all occasionally need a little extra help!



1) Calcola il tuo Indice di Massa Corporea : BMI (Body Mass Index) 

2) Calcola il tuo Metabolismo Basale : BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)  


Seleziona BMI o BMR, poi uomo (MAN) o donna (WOMAN) e METRIC (il nostro sistema di misura).

Inserisci la tua età (Age), il tuo peso (Kg), la tua altezza (cm) e poi clicca su CALCULATE.

Controlla il risultato con la tabella di riferimento:

Sottopeso  (Underweight) - Normopeso (Normal) - Sovrappeso (Overweight) - Obeso (Obese) - Grande obeso (Morbidly Obese) 


hiddenppath hiddenppath




Here you can calculate your bmi and bmr.

Choose option on the left.



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La salute non è tutto ma senza salute tutto è niente

L'uomo passa la prima metà della vita a rovinarsi la salute e la seconda metà a guarirsi

Quelli che pensano di non avere tempo per gli esercizi fisici dovranno presto o tardi trovare tempo per le malattie

Quando si tratta di mangiare in modo corretto e fare esercizio fisico, non c'e' un "io inizierò domani". Domani è la malattia

Prendersi troppo sul serio può nuocere gravemente alla salute

Ridi sempre quando ti è possibile. E' una medicina a buon mercato

Se dipendesse da me renderei contagiosa la salute invece che la malattia

La malattia si può percepire, la salute no

Abbi cura del tuo corpo, è l'unico posto in cui devi vivere

Lo sport è l'antiruggine per una salute di ferro

Chi è in buona salute è ricco senza saperlo

La salute è come il denaro, non abbiamo mai una vera idea del suo valore fino a quando la perdiamo

La salute dipende più dalle precauzioni che dalle medicine

Migliaia e migliaia di persone hanno studiato le malattie. Quasi nessuno ha studiato la salute

La salute è il primo dovere della vita - Oscar Wilde

Ci sono migliaia di malattie, ma un solo tipo di salute

Nella vita come in un tram quando ti siedi è il capolinea!

Nessun corpo vale più del tuo corpo

La felicità non è nient'altro che essere in salute ed avere poca memoria

Il segreto per essere in buona salute è che il corpo sia in movimento e che lo spirito si riposi

Indossa un sorriso ed avrai amici. Indossa un broncio ed avrai le rughe!

Una buona risata ed una lunga dormita sono la miglior cura nel libro del dottore

Ricordati di essere felice!

La salute è la somma di tutte le malattie che non si hanno

La cattiva salute ci fa vedere cose che la buona salute ci nascondeva

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