Internet was the future!

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Internet is considered the future, but this is no longer correct

In fact it was true just in the past! Yes, because Internet is the present!




Everyone has a web space. Just think about a Social Network profile or an email address. If you are a professional or run a business your online presence has become crucial.

Nowadays your website is no doubt considered as your business card. It is like a showcase.

Just search on Google (the most popular search engine right now) to understand the interest about this topic. Keywords such as "internet deals", "ADSL", "internet key", "Internet TV", "Internet speed", "broadband", etc. are in the top list.

The problem is that online contents are truly endless and finding the good quality ones is not always easy, if you do not know where to look for. As an Health Professional I can tell you that it is very difficult to find informations that are not manipulated or distorted.

There are companies in the "Health & Wellness" sector which invest millions of euros to promote their products. Their messages are often disguised as real scientific articles even though they hide a promotional message.

There are worse things...

In fact the reason for the poor quality and reliability of the content that we often find online is not always commercial. There is not only the hungry for money.

Hungry for fame!

Everyday some new "experts" create a collage by randomly stealing some online content. They pretend to know everything! That is really dangerous!

I think it is now time for the "real" Health Professionals to create some safe areas where finding reliable and good quality information.

I have worked many years in several Pharmacies of different European countries and I always found the same problem: the lack of time to effectively dedicate to the patient for a truly comprehensive and constructive education.

This is the question that I always got in mind: "How can I help many more patients at the same time, more profitably and get full satisfaction?"

I have spent considerable time studying the best method and finally I created my first educational project:


• On my personal website you will find a blog with high quality articles.


• You can send your suggestions and requests via email to


• You can benefit from all the free informations.


• You can choose to purchase very specific content (ebooks).


• You can subscribe for free to the newsletter to receive real-time updates.


• If you are a serious Health Professional, you can join the project and collaborate to the creation of educational content.

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