Why drinking water is so important

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A proper nutrition, varied and balanced is undoubtedly essential, but never forget hydration. Yes, because hydration is vital!




I want to reveal you a trick, very simple, but very important. Check the colour of your urine and surely you will find out that you do not drink enough! 

Some foods as well as other medicines contain colour pigments, but in general the urine colour should be a very pale yellow.

Here you are an infographic to quickly discover your level of hydration:




Increase your liquid intake!

Prefer the natural water. If it is hard for you, get soft drinks low in sugar such as green tea with fructose (sweeteners as a second choice). Unless you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (I will talk about this topic later on), I strongly recommend you some natural fruit juices.

“The daily amount of liquid must never be less than 1.5 litres. If you sweat a lot, as well as during the summer time, you have to get at least 2 litres.”


Prefer the first part of the day.

I advise you not to drink too much during the evening because it could ruin your sleep (I will talk about the importance of the rest later on). Liquids have the great power to induce satiety, purify toxins (which often cause illnesses such as nausea, headache, etc.) and help bowel motility; very often they solve the problem of constipation that is notoriously one of the causes of overweight! 

“Drink a glass of water before your meals to get your stomach ready for digestion and speed up the satiety feeling!” 


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Enjoy the reading!

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